Logistea publishes prospectus regarding listing of additional shares on Nasdaq Stockholm in connection with a directed share issue

Logistea AB (publ) (“Logistea” or “the Company”) publishes a prospectus regarding admission to trading of 62,400,000 Ordinary Shares of Class B on Nasdaq Stockholm. The shares are expected to be admitted to trading around November 25, 2021.

As communicated via press release on October 25, 2021, Logistea has acquired seven properties in Karlskoga and Kristinehamn with an underlying property value of approximately 403 MSEK. The properties were transferred to Logistea on October 29, 2021.

As part of the acquisition financing, the Company has carried out a direct share issue of 62,400,000 Ordinary Shares of Class B to the seller of the properties (the “Share Issue”). Subject to several resolutions adopted by the Company’s Extraordinary General Meeting on October 22, 2021 regarding distribution of shares in We Are Spin Dye with record date October 26, 2021, and the introduction of a new share class in the form of Ordinary Shares of Class B, including a subsequent bonus issue and scheduled reverse split with record date November 24, 2021, the issue price was determined to 1.64 SEK per Ordinary Share of Class B prior to the reverse split (corresponding to 16.44 SEK after the reverse split). The issue price was calculated as the agreed share price of 19.00 SEK per Ordinary Share of Class A as per July 16, 2021, adjusted for above-mentioned resolutions adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting.

For complete information on the Share Issue and the listing of shares for trading on Nasdaq Stockholm, please refer to the prospectus prepared by the Company which has been approved and registered today by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The prospectus is available via the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's (www.fi.se) and the Company's (www.logistea.se) websites, and in paper format upon request.