Green Finance Framework

Logistea has established a Green Finance Framework that enables the company to issue, among other things, green bonds. The aim is to be able to finance and refinance all new constructions, existing and major renovations of buildings and energy efficiency through e.g. solar panels. The establishment of the Framework, with a focus on green and energy efficient buildings, is a natural next step in Logistea’s sustainability work, which also includes a focus on sustainable finance.

The Framework for green financing has been established in accordance with the Green Bond Principles, developed by the ICMA (International Capital Markets Association) and the Green Loan Principles, developed by the LMA (Loan Market Association). 

An external review of the Framework has been carried out by an independent third party; ISS ESG, which has made the assessment that the Framework, as well as related governance documents and reporting standards, supports, among other things, the UN Sustainable Development Goals; 7 ‘Sustainable Energy Use’, 11 ‘Sustainable Buildings and Cities’ and 13 ‘Climate action’. 

Logistea commits to regular reporting of underlying green eligible assets. A report will be published annually on the company’s website.