Sustainability targets

Logistea supports the UN Global Compact and Agenda 2030. The company believes it has the greatest opportunity to contribute within: number 7 (sustainable energy for all), 8 (decent working conditions and economic growth), 9 (sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure), 11 (sustainable cities and communities), 12 (sustainable consumption and production) and 13 (combating climate change). During Q4 2021, the company established a green financial framework. The framework sets out the following objectives for all new constructions, and where possible, also for existing properties or in case of additional property acquisitions:

  • BREEAM (Very good or higher) or equivalent certification standard, or
  • Energy certificates (EPC) A or B, or
  • Energy consumption less than 20 percent of the accessible national building regulation, or
  • Reduce energy consumption by at least 30 percent during major renovations.