Logistea moves to Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap 3 January 2022

Nasdaq announced today, via a stock exchange announcement, that Logistea AB (publ) will be moved to Nasdaq Stockholm's Mid Cap segment. The move will take place January 3, 2022.

Logistea will be moved to Nasdaq Stockholm's Mid Cap segment on January 3, 2022, following Nasdaq's annual review of Nordic segments based on market value. The review is based on the average market value in November 2021. Nasdaq Stockholm's Mid Cap segment includes companies with a market capitalization between EUR 150 million and EUR 1 billion. On December 17, 2021, Logistea's market capitalization amounted to approximately SEK 2.4 billion (corresponding to EUR 234 million).

Logistea is growing rapidly, and the company's warehouse and logistics properties are benefiting from megatrends in digitalization and e-commerce. It is easy to see a continued long-term need and growth in our business. The move to Nasdaq's Mid Cap segment is an important milestone in Logistea's value creation, as the list change means increased attention and gives us the opportunity to reach out more widely to the capital market, says Niklas Zuckerman, CEO, Logistea.

Logistea's property portfolio has grown from SEK 189 million in property value to over SEK 2,000 million in two years. The company currently has properties in 16 locations in Sweden and the portfolio amounts to approximately 305,000 square meters of lettable area, of which approximately 273,000 square meters consist of investment properties. In addition, there is a building rights portfolio of approximately 155,000 square meters.