Odd Molly is joining forces with We aRe SpinDye®

Odd Molly is the first fashion brand to collaborate with We aRe SpinDye®, an innovative company offering sustainable dyeing processes for synthetic materials in the clothing industry.

Instead of soaking the finished fabrics in a chemical bath, dye is melted into the fabric’s plastic fibres. This novel approach dramatically cuts down on the use of water, chemicals, carbon dioxide and energy.

The fabric – and therefore the finished product – performs wonderfully, resulting in a greatly reduced impact on the environment. The colours withstand UV radiation, washing and wear-and-tear much better than in conventionally-dyed garments.

“For us, it’s incredibly cool to see that Odd Molly has taken sustainability seriously and accepted the challenge to implement more sustainable manufacturing for their collection in collaboration with We aRe SpinDye®,” says Martin Berling, co-founder of We aRe SpinDye®.

Odd Molly utilised this process to design the “Earth Saver jacket”, created with 100% recycled polyester fabric. Moreover, the padding is environmentally-friendly since it’s made from a plant-based material with insulating properties comparable to down.

“Our goal is to constantly improve and continue to increase the amount of sustainable materials and products in our line. The result of the collaboration with We aRe SpinDye® is a product we’re really proud of, completely in line with our goal to supply our customers with timeless clothing of high quality and as small an environmental footprint as possible,” confides Kristin Roos, the Production Manager at Odd Molly.

The following efficiency gains have been achieved from using the recycled SpinDye® PET plastic compared to new polyester that’s conventionally dyed:

  • 75% less water
  • 67% fewer chemicals
  • 39% less energy
  • 20% lower carbon dioxide emissions

For more information or interview requests, contact

Filippa Orback, filippa.orback@oddmolly.com, +46 761 455 668.