Odd Molly teams up with Charlotte Kemp Muhl

Stockholm 27th of May 2011The Odd Molly Spring/Summer collections for 2012 are being launched in cooperation with the American model Charlotte Kemp Muhl. The cooperation started when Charlotte performed at the Odd molly spring/summer 2011 fashion show during New York fashion week together with the band “The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger”. She started the band together with her boyfriend Sean Lennon and the couple also runs a record company, Chimera Music.

The photoshoot will take place in New York on the 27th of June and the advertising campaign will be published in leading fashion magazines from January 2012.

Per Holknekt, Creative Director at Odd Molly, reports:
“After some time of working with adorable and super-multitalented Helena Christensen Odd Molly has now chosen to work with Charlotte Kemp Muhl for the 2012 campaigns. She performed live at last years Odd Molly runway show at New York Fashion Week and when choosing future model woman for Odd Molly she was an easy pick. Top Model Charlotte is not only extraordinarily beautiful in her very personal look, she is also genuinely talented in many other ways. We saw her entertain live, singing and playing accordion with boyfriend Sean Lennon at our show and we all fell in love. Odd Molly truly celebrates the many qualities in a woman and we see Charlotte Kemp Muhl as a perfect successor to Helena Christensen. And Yes, Charlotte truly loves our designs and our core values so the love is very mutual. This is going to be very very exciting and I so much look forward to our photoshoot in New York on June 27th”.

Jonas Hallberg will be the stylist during the photoshoot. Jonas is the Hollywood elite stylist and one of his ultimate talents is to style actresses and artists. Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Sharon Stone, Mary-Louise Parker and Jessica Biel is a few of many celebrities that Jonas is working with.

Photographer Warwick Saint will shoot the campaign. Warwick had his break-through in 1998 and has worked with Nike, Diesel and Costume National to name a few. Warwick portraiture is in constant demand by famous celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Cate Blanchett, Sharon Stone etc,.

Chief Designer at Odd Molly is Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan
Creative Director for the campaign is Per Holknekt
Public Relations Manager: Jenny Annerhult, +46 70 742 25 29 ( jenny@oddmolly.com (jenny@oddmolly.com) )

Charlotte Kemp Muhl: 
Charlotte Kemp Muhl is an American model and musician born in 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia. She became a model at the age of thirteen and at sixteen she was the youngest model to ever appear on the cover of UK´s Harper´s and Queen Magazine. Muhl has worked with campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Sisley, D&G, Donna Karan, Maybelline, Swarowski and Jennifer Lopez brand J.LO. Charlotte is studying music theory and play piano, bass and accordion. She also started the band ”The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger” together with her boyfriend Sean Lennon.Odd Molly:
Odd Molly is a Swedish company that designs, markets and sells fashion. Odd Molly products are sold through around 1,300 retailers in around 40 countries around the world. In addition, Odd Molly currently has three concept stores in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Copenhagen as well as two outlets in Kungsbacka and Barkaby. Odd Molly has 56 employees. The company’s profitable growth is the result of creative design, consistent branding and a business model that facilitates expansion with limited capital requirements and minimal inventory risk. Odd Molly’s share is traded as of June 21, 2010 on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

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