Odd Molly’s new menswear launch: post fire dew

Stockholm, 21 January 2010

Post fire dew is the name of a new Swedish fashion brand. Odd Molly’s Creative Director, Per Holknekt, together with the chief men’s designer, Ylva Liljefors, have created a men’s collection that will be reach retailers in the fall of 2010. From the start, the brand will be launched internationally through sales agents in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, England, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. The collection includes around 60 pieces with a focus on jackets and tops.

The meaning of the name
The moment after. After a forest fire has died out, a moist dripping pearly layer of dew will cool down, soothen and repair while the ground still bears smoking memories of what just happened.

The collection
The material has uneven edges but an even feel. It is a collection that uses irregular, non-ironed fabrics. The look is a blend, unshaven, rugged and distressed, but still with class and high quality. The unseen ingredients are manliness with a deeper, mindful, heartfelt and adventurous edge.

The brand idea
He who dares will also be the he to be rewarded. Some have the courage to go find, even when instinct says don´t. This brand is a tribute to them few that stand up for their own beliefs and follow intuition, regardless of society limiting framework, expectations or possible dangers.

The pfd-man
A man of doing. The pfd-man is a man of high ambitions yet a man who does not take himself too seriously. He is sometimes the successful man or the man heading there, yet sometimes simply the man who doesn´t give a damn. He is the man that never sees money as a goal, but rather as means for living. “He who dies with all his money left, most likely dies poor” The pfd-man sets sail alone if none joins. He is the man not to watch the play, but to take his own stage. He is a man who wants to look good, but does not want to be perceived as a man of fashion interest or as the man who tried. He is quality driven and stretches out for what is within reach, never afraid to spend when it feels right. A loner at times, yet a man of the world, living atop his own footprint. He is a thinker, a much living heart, a man of giving, a man of conscience. But more than anything, an unafraid and very curious man, always ready to find out. Ready to take the consequences, hungry for the reward.


Post fire dew is a separate brand within the Odd Molly Group. The launch of the men’s collection is not expected to have a significant effect on the Group’s results in the current year.

For further information, please contact:
Christina Tillman, CEO, phone: +46-8-522 28 502 or mobile: +46-733-10 60 00
Per Holknekt, Creative Director, phone: +46-8-522 28 571 or mobile: +46-734-45 18 56
For press photos, please contact: Sara Strand, +46-8-522 28 572 or sara@postfiredew.com

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